Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Winning Presidential Ticket

I'm a little concerned about who the next US President may be. When Bush got into office, I felt very optimistic about the future especially in the wake of Clinton's little scandal.

Bush didn't do much, but I think everyone figured it was because we needed a Republican Senate and House of Congress.

Well, we got both of those too, and still they did nothing. Well I can't say nothing, since they have been spending money like crack whores, as well as causing all kinds of problems in the middle east.

With all that in mind... I'm not sure Bill Clinton was that bad of a president, and going forward, I'm not sure how much impact a President can have on the country, unless a new president also means a replacement of both the Senate and Congress as well.

As I look at the election though, there are two people I like. Ron Paul, because he believes in freedom and he and I agree on 95% of the issues. The other is Barrack Obama. He's a little too socialist for my liking, but he appears to have some integrity and not be caught up in always being right - he seems to care what people who oppose him think as well.

I'm not sure if either Obama or Paul will win the primary vote, but what if the two where to join forces and run on a separate ticket... Aside from the idiots who vote strictly on party lines, I think the majority of Americans would like to see 2 men with opposing view points who could work together.

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