Thursday, November 08, 2007

Damn Immigrants!

First off... Before you get all upset with me, remember that I am an imigrant, therefore endowed with complete immunity when insulting immigrants!

Ron & Jessica (Actually I think it may just have been Ron) made an excellent comment in response to my call on Saturday for the government to follow through on their plans to build a fence on the Mexican border. Basically they questioned the need to spend millions of dollars to put a band-aid solution in place over a major heamorage. I thought it a rather good argument, and well thought out!

I would like to, if you would indulge me, to take a quick look at the problems with immigration, and what possible solutions I can see.

So first the problems...

1. There is not currently a legal way for normal people to enter the United States. You either have to have a substantial fortune, or else marry an America Citizen. There are also other options to do with work visa's and stuff, but I am not as familiar with those. I came in on option 2 fortunately.

2. The Mexican government supports emmigration into the United States as it brings in substantial income for Mexico. I have heared it is the fourth largest source of income, but I can't confirm that.

3. Many immigrants aren't here to become American's, they're here for free welfare and to send money back to Mexico.

4. America was founded on Immigration, and so it's pretty important that we continue that tradition, attracting all who seek liberty.

I'm sure there are many other problems, but those are the main ones I see.

For solutions, I would suggest the following:

1. All illegal aliens currently here are given a time period to get back to Mexico, or face fines and deportation. That is really what amnesty is - You've broken a law, and we'll let you get off. The Bush amnesty plan is more like an incentive program for illegals.

2. The Mexican government need to held responsible for their part in this. Until they stop marketing illegal emmigration and enforce their side of the border, no more aid, no imports, nothing.

3. Put in place a way in which anyone who want to immigrate can qualify. I support the availability of basic English courses and other materials to help teach potential immigrants English and the basic principles of the constitution. Immigrants would be expected to pass a basic English test, basic civics test and be able to enter the country with enough money to support themselves until they can find work.

4. The border needs to be secured. I would be in favor of stationing military units along the border. This is a security issue and a humanitarian issue. Illegal Immigrants are generally underpaid and the crossing of the border is sometimes very risky due to the desert conditions.

I thinks that's about all I can think of for now. Basically I believe that America should keep her sovreignty, secure her borders, but continue to be a shining light of freedom to the world and open to those who seek those ideals.


  1. What makes you assume that it was Ron's opinion?

  2. You know, as much as I would like to give a somewhat reasonable answer, my success with explaining things to the opposite sex is now real high right now.

    I apologize if I asssumed incorrectly!

    Good enough?