Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Survey Says....

So on Sunday I proposed the question as to the most important value to instill in kids...

My two contenders were Humility and Gratitude.

After a plethora of responses, we have added a couple more...

Tolerance and Good humour.

To love god with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself.

The comment was also made on the last one that with those two covered, everything else would fall into place.

When you think about it, all of these of interrelated. By teaching one, you'd almost unavoidably have to touch on the others.

I'm going to wait a bit longer and see if any more results come in... Perhaps next Sunday will see a discussion of the pivotal value - In my opinion of course!

Anyone in Salt Lake or the neighboring area's like to adopt a half grown puppy? He's a lab/pointer mix, very energetic and he's going to be huge. He really likes knocking kids over and sitting on them. I think it's hilarious, but for some reason the wife and the kids don't enjoy it as much. He's a man dog, bred for hunting and really smart.

I may be losing the battle over keeping him, so in case I do - I'd prefer to send him to a good home than stick him up on KSL or something.


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  4. Sorry about the puppy - but if he's smart can't you just explain to him that if he keeps sitting on the kiddies he's got to go?

  5. Well the problem is that I thought I would be clever and train him in Zulu. So now I have a dog that speaks Zulu instead of English, and I just don't have the depth of vocabulary to explain the whole situation to him...

    He might be safer than he was when I wrote this though. I was seriously in the dog house over the weekend, and figured giving him up was my only way out. Thankfully cooler minds have no prevailed.