Monday, November 26, 2007

Selling your Soul

So I have a couple of topics I thought about blogging about today, but this one seemed to have the best sounding title. I may save the rest for later in the week.

OK, so I may have shared in the past some of my views on Religeon. I'm have some pretty unique views and generally just offend people when I open my mouth. Yesterday in church was one of those times I got the look from the wife to keep my mouth shut. In hind sight, I probably should have shot her a similar looked when she decided to share my turkey story from Thanksgiving but that's a topic for another day.

So there were are sitting in an Adult Sunday School class. It's the first time in about 8 years that we have actually been able to sit together, although with a squirmy 1 year old on my lap, that is a relative term. I forget the topic of the lesson, but the discussion drifted around to the things we are willing to sell our souls for... Money, pleasure and a host of other things were brought up. Ironically the lesson then turned to submitted yourself to the gospel and giving your soul to Christ.

When we were done I asked my wife a question... Is there a difference between selling your soul, and voluntarily giving it up to someone else? She didn't have an answer and I suspect it may be because she doesn't like what the answer is.

My thoughts are this...

First, you can't sell your soul, you are your soul, and will always be.
Second, you can lose focus of the goal and be distracted, and I guess this could be considered losing your soul, but you can always get refocussed.
Third, surrendering your soul to someone else, no matter how perfect they may be is a HUGE problem....

One of the readers of this blog often refers to people who have sold their souls to Jesus (for want of a better term) as having an invisible friend. Understanding who God is, who Christ is (A topic for another day) and who you are, solves this problem and brings them all into line without surrending your soul and freedom to another entity, real or not.

I'll probably have to explain that last bit a little more, but I'd like to see the reaction I get first....


  1. I suspect what people often mean by “soul” is the bit of them that makes them unique, that makes them “them”. My thinking tells me this is your brain, that lump of wrinkles that thought up the concept of soul in the first place.
    Hmm, perhaps, then you could sell your soul, but you wouldn’t live to enjoy the proceeds.

  2. Good thought... Wonder what you could get for that. Of course with some people you have to wonder if it would be worth it, but then again it might be worth more... You know - never been used?

    I think there is something more than just our brains though... Something deeper and more powerful.