Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What is the V?

I thought on today's posting, I might tackle the topic of some of the meaning behind the symbol that I use for my blog.

Many of the more perceptive and highly intelligent of you will recognize this as the symbol for the character V in V for Vendetta. Let me say that while that was an incredible movie, it is not the reason I chose this symbol.

Some time ago a friend and I were discussing a particular concept, I tried to draw a symbol to illustrate what I was saying - strangely enough the symbol was the same as the one you see above this...

Let me start by saying that this will likely offend 90% of the readership of this. It would have offended me up until a year ago. All I would ask is that you read it, and then consider it with an open mind - It makes far more sense over time than does when you first hear it.

I shall start by discussing who we are... We are amazing creatures, and by we, I am referring to the spirits that exists inside our bodies. These spirits are phenomenal, each possessing infinite potential. My personal belief is that this comes as a direct result of us being the offspring of a God, by whatever name you may choose to call him. Atheists may not believe that, but the bottom line is, that you are somebody special.

OK, so we have these amazing spirits, and then we get born. The problem with living in a physical world inhabiting a physical body is that we start to think we are our bodies and think less and less about our spiritual selves. It was at this point in my conversation with my friend that I drew a circle on the white board, illustrating the complete human condition. There are no doubt countless influences in dividing us against ourselves. The biggest is our physical existence, as I stated before, but there are many others. The effect of these influence is a metaphorical wedge driven into our minds that causes us to forget the spiritual side. I then drew a large wedge or V through the circle and the symbol is as you see it above.

Religeon plays an interesting role in this process at this point. Through practicing various things, we are given a glimpse through the wedge onto the other side. I won't get too far into this, lest I lose people, but I think that any time you "feel the spirit" it is those times that we get a brief glimpse through the wedge onto the other side. So it would appear that religeon helps to connect us to our spiritual sides and help to make us whole again.

Now this is where things go a little crazy... While religeon should help break down the wedge, unfortunately religeon has become the wedge itself, appearing to control the individuals access to the spiritual side. Using this power, religeon can then be used against the individual and the result is much of the hell we see in the world today.

When I think of pure religeon, I believe it to be something that allows you to see your spiritual side, and then moves aside so that you can become whole again, ready to discover your full potential.

I'd be happy to field any questions which you might have....

Tomorrow's topic - Solutions to the immigration problem in the US!


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