Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Hot Babe Trifecta

I have a list of the top 3 hot women which I like. If the name of this list sounds familiar, I stole it from a local radio DJ. "The List" just doesn't sound as cool as "The Hot Babe Trifecta"

My wife was hasseling me a few years ago about not having a favorite actress, and so I started trying to seek one out. I think she's fine with it as long as there is no-one of the list who could reasonably be considered to give me the time of day. I told her that pretty much knocked her off the list too, but I think she's OK with that.

So the Urban Koda's Hot Babe Trifecta - not necessarily in order of preference.

1 - Kiera Knightly (I take some heat on this one, but she was my first... Saw her in Pirates and then Domino and then a few other shows. Something sexy about a female Bail Bondsman and the accent drives me wild.)

2 - Natasha Bedingfield - Not an actress, but a singer. Just take a look - nothing else needs to be said.

3 - Rachel McAdams - The Notebook and Wedding Crashers - Ooooh Yeah!!

Honorable mentions go to Nicole Kidman, Rachel Hunter, Christina Aguilera and probably a few others too...

Gentleman, you may post comments in support.

Ladies, you may adress comments and condolenses to my sweet wife - the lovely Mrs Koda.

Anyway who wants to argue about Kiera Knightly, I'll meet you out at the flag pole.


  1. Keira Knightly - something about her is so very UNatractive to me.

    Now Rachel McAdams - now there's something we can agree on. Hotchuma Hotchuma!

  2. I think Kiera is an acquired taste - I'm not sure exactly what it is about her that attracts me, but for some reason, I'm like a moth to the flame when she's around.

  3. Oh yeah. Because this just screams sexy. ;)

  4. While that image is a little disturbing... She still has a certain something - I think it's a combination of her eyes and her voice.

    We aren't going to have to schedule a meeting at the flag pole are we?