Monday, November 05, 2007

The Golden Compass

I have received a number of forwards in the past week about a new movie being released in December. The email basically describes the movie as an atheist plot to teach children not to believe in God, and all kinds of other insidious and evil purposes.

My first thought is... Bloody Hell People! Its a freaking movie! Not a teacher at school or church or something.

I saw the preview on TV last night, and I've actually seen it a few times at the theatre too. One of the characters is a cool looking polar bear! Cool in the sense that he could probably wipe out 100 men with one swipe of his paw, not cool as in the dark shades and a martini cool.

Anyway, so the main plot all these well mean people are concerned about is that the entire story leads the main character to killing a senile God who is making all kinds of crazy decision with the world.

The more I think about this, the more I think that this isn't a bad idea. Let me introduce you to the God that I would like to kill, and like my kids to kill to...

There is a God that apparantly tells people to blow themselves up or fly planes into buildings - Not a bad one to get rid of.

There is a God that thinks one group of people of better than another and will let one group kill another. He can go to.

There is a God that initiated the Crusades for the good of his church, and perhaps more importantly to help enrich the King of England. So long dude!

Any God that divides people against themselves, controls peoples lives at every level and causes war and bloodshed can be wacked as far as I am concerned.

There is one God, that I think I blessed me phenomenally. He made me and gave me the ability to make my own decisions. He leaves me alone to succeed or screw up as I please, both of which I achieve frequently. He's not interested in controlling me, he just wants me to have opportunities to learn and grow. I'm have no need to fear him, and he has no need to fear me.

I don't think the Golden Compass is in anyway against him.

I think my kids are going to enjoy the movie immensely!!


  1. I'm probably not going to see it, but that's just because I thought the books were dumb. I didn't actually read the Amber Spyglass (bookIII) because I was so bored by the first two.

    You can call it a movie about killing god if you want to get people riled up. But like all children's literature, it's a battle between good and evil.
    You made a good point though. Some gods (or interpretations of god) can be evil.

    My god isn't senile and he isn't a tyrant, so obviously it's not my god they're killing.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys... I wasn't sure if anyone was reading for a couple of days there.

    Maybe I'll wait and see what the critics say, before I see it in theatres. The graphics did look really good though, and I liked the trailer.

    I think people just like watching others get riled up - most of the email I go was all highly emotive language and little fact. It's kind of like all the crap over the School Voucher deal - Mostly emotive and little substance. I'm starting to really dislike both side of the argument.

  3. I read the Pullman trilogy and enjoyed it immensely – I simply didn’t get the whole “anti-god” thing, but then again I wasn’t looking for it. The story is certainly about a battle of “good” over “evil” and there was clearly a theme of people “interpreting” the same thing/idea many different ways. Perhaps we non-invisible friendsters just aren’t as sensitive to these slights.
    I’m looking forward to the movie even though they have that Kidman woman playing Mrs Coulter – more buggerising with perfectly good books, sigh.

  4. Maybe it's just the guy in me, but I'm OK with Nicole Kidman in pretty much any role!

    I think you can read anything into any situation if you try. I had a friend once who was part of an effort to boycott Kellogs because Snap, Crackle and Pop where an attempt to mock the trinity...

    Rice Crispies anyone?

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