Friday, November 16, 2007

Light of Doom & The Clark Brothers

The Mrs never reads my blog - or so I thought... I was greeted yesterday when I got home last night with "Hot Babe Trifecta eh?" I had a couple of funny stories to share, but at the risk of spending more time on the couch...

OK, so I'm not a big fan of reality TV. I liked Survivor until people figured it out, and all the people with real skill were getting voted out first. I like the amazing race, and actually still like that one. American Idol - well... It just seems like it's a lot more scripted than they would have you believe, and there's only so many snot faced kids with no talent and attitudes bigger than buddha that I can take...

A few weeks ago, a new series started on Fox - The Next Great American Band. I wasn't going to watch it, but it was on, and I didn't feel like moving off the couch. The first episode was a little over dramatic. John Reznik from the GooGoo dolls is one of the judges, so that is something that they have going for them. The host is Dominic Bowden from New Zealand, no clue who he is, but I like the Kiwi accent - better on a girl, but I'll take what I can get... Actually I'd prefer a female host with an Irish Accent, but that is neither here nor there.

Anyway, didn't like the first episode, but as I watch week 3 or 4 tonight, I'm actually fairly impressed. Let me tell you about two of my favorites...

#1 is Light of Doom. I think they hail from Las Vegas and they are a group of 12 and 13 year olds. They cite Iron Maiden as their main influence, and they rock. Now it is a little disturbing to see little kids acting like veteran Rock Stars, but these guys can play.

#2 is The Clark Brothers. These guys got their start playing for their dads religious revivals with several other siblings... There are three of them. No drummer, but one sings and plays violin another plays mandolin/accoustic guitar and the final brother plays the Dobro Guitar. These guys are amazing and have a passion about them that is hard to describe. Apparently they're not too bad looking either which helps my case in the Hot Babe Trifecta trial...

The other bands are pretty good too, but I hope either of these guys win.


  1. Hey Koda, what do you think of the hosts? Dicko (Ian Dickson) in particular - do you reckon he's a bit harsh? I only watched the first episode, I think all my teeth were being pulled for the second ep.
    Some of the bands were great but some were so crap. I got annoyed that they didn't spend enough time on the seriously good bands.
    What night is it on? I might start watching it again.

  2. I caught the first eppisode, but I have completely forgotten about it. I should try and find it again.

  3. Well CAW, it's on Fox, Friday night - at 7 I think... The first episode or two where really sucky, but they've gotten better.

    Dicko is a bit of a ... Well, his name sums it up... But I think he might be a lot like Simon Cowell on American Idol. I think he genuinely wants to give good solid feedback. He was another reason I didn't like the first episode - thought it looked too much like American Idol.