Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pakistani Writers

OK, so this post isn't really about Pakistani writers, but it will cover the topics of the writers strike in Hollywood, as well as the recent events in Pakistan. This first will be an attempt at humor, the second likely more serious, crtitical and sarcastic...

So the writers in Hollywood have decided to strike. It appears that the first casualties will be the daily comedy shows like The Late Show with Jay Leno and Letterman with David Letterman. I guess we'll see how funny these guys are really when they're up on the stage trying to ad lib through their monologues themselves. I actually don't find Letterman all that funny. Well, the top ten list is occasionally, but other than that I just don't get his humor most of the time, either that or it isn't funny. My moneys on option 2 though. I did however see an interview he did with Paris Hilton a while back... Rumor had it that she stormed off the stage, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. The first half of the interview was really good though, as she tried to talk up her product lines, and Dave kept hammering on her time in prison. I would highly recommend watching it, if you missed it... Heck, even if you did see it, it's worth a second viewing!! Click here to watch it on YouTube!

The second thought I had tonight was on the situation in Pakistan. I know very little of this situation, except what I saw on the news, although it does seem to follow a familiar pattern. Basically Pakistan have declared a State of Emergency (Not sure why, but their president said it was necessary) and the US (Condi Rice, and Bush) are very upset about it and doing all kinds of things to stop it from happening. Way to stand by your friend Bushy! Wasn't Musharraf one of the few in that region that backed your in your war plans despite taking remarkable heat from his population? But that aside, it really hacks me off the way the US Government feels the need to dictate how the rest of the world handles itself. Islamic Extremest Terrorists attack the US, and we launch attacks on Afganistan and Iraq (Who wasn't really involved). Another country attacks Isreal (who supported our attacks) and we feel we should tell them not to overreact. Pakistan calls a State of Emergency and now we tell them they can't... What the hell?

Mr President, please explain why you throw your weight around overseas, but you can't even build a simple fence on the Mexican border, or tell the Mexican border to quit supporting all the illegal aliens escaping their country. Don't even get me started on the rapist that Bush is trying to get freed, simply to try and appease the corrupt politicians in Mexico. I'll stop there, lest I offend younger readers...


  1. Hey Koda,
    I have to get up on a soapbox about the border fence. Why spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on something that won't work. Back in the day, I was an EMT. They taught us that when somebody is bleeding from an artery, a bandaid is not enough. It requires direct pressure to stop the bleeding. If that's not enough then you try Pressure Points, and if that's enough then you apply a tourniquet. A bandaid is only used after the bleeding stops as a barrier against infection.

  2. Hey guys!

    That definitely is a valid point... I think I'm just getting tired of hearing about the problem, but just not seeing any progress.

    It's like the patients lying there just bleeding out.

    Maybe I'll have to do a post tomorrow on what I think we need to do about immigration... I'd be interested to see if we have similar ideas.


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