Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Sunday Post

You know, It's a lot more difficult to write these on the weekend! The other problem I have is that it takes forever to think of a topic, and then invariably when you get a good one, you get several at once...

Today's topic was one that I thought of as I was wondering around the outside of our Church building with my 1 year old on my shoulders - My experience has shown that 1 year olds don't appreciate hours of sitting and listening... Come to think of it, neither do I really - we have a very mutually beneficial relationship, my son and I!

A very good friend made a comment this week that has got me thinking... She said that she had only ever met 1 true Christian. I am pretty much 100% sure I'm not in the running for that position, but I started thinking about what exactly that meant and if it was something that I would like to aim for.

Actually the more I have thought about it, I think that a true Christian might actually appear the same as a true Muslim, a true Buddhist, maybe even a true Atheist.

My wife and I were discussing this the other day, that sometimes we seem to form the opinion that people who don't subscribe to the same belief system as us, don't have any morals... Problem is I have met plenty of Christians, Hindus, Muslims and a host of others who are all really good people. I have also met a bunch from the same groups that are not good people.

I think the key comes with being true to yourself and honestly seeking truth. I think that journey will lead you to a greater understanding of who you are and who God is. With that understanding, I think you develop a greater respect for all around you, and that makes you a true Christian, Muslim or whatever flavor of religeon or no religeon you choose to follow. Athiests could probably leave out the part about understanding God, but I think the rest of it would probably hold true.

Finally in parting a quick question: A friend and I are trying to determine the most important value which we can instill in our kids. Our finalists are gratitude and humility - mine is humility. Does anyone have any other ideas for top value and why? I'm hoping to blog on it a little later this week.


  1. I'd say there were 2 very important things to teach your loin-fruit, tolerance and good humour.

  2. I think the most important is to teach your child to love god with all his heart and to love his neighbor as himself. Everything else will fall into place.

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