Monday, February 04, 2008

Games People Play

I had kind of a ho-hum weekend. The highlights were watching the Giants win the Superbowl last night, and parts of taking some of my kids sledding on Saturday. The downside was the whiny side of taking kids sledding, and then a bunch of other crap.

It got me thinking about a song that I used to have by Inner Circle. It was called "Games People Play" I'm not sure how much the song relates to what I was thinking, but it was a pretty cool song. Actually it brought back the memory I had to teach a bunch of teenagers how to do the foxtrot, and the only song I could find with the right beat was this one. There was also the 'La la la la la long' song by the same group, but it was a church group I was teaching and I wasn't sure how appropriate that song was.

My day did start well though - sure I spent most of the night consoling a wee child who is learning to sleep by himself, had to shovel a couple of inches of snow before I left home, and my commute to an extra hour, but then they played Amber by 311 on the radio and it made everything seem bright.

Being monday, you get my weekly pick for the Monday Mash-up... Due to an complete absense of comments on this feature, it may be phased out in the next few weeks. Today's pick is a popular one - I've heard a few versions, but it's Green Day and Oasis. One of the first mashups I'd heard...

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