Thursday, February 07, 2008

US Political Cliff Notes

This is the Wise Wednesday piece, but I forgot to do it yesterday, even though I thought it up Tuesday, but I'll save you that boring side of it...

I think I've figured out US Politics. Before I came over here I didn't know what a Republican or a Democrat was... For those overseas, or who are over here and not sure, this is what I've figured out...

By definition and tradition:

Republicans are typically conservative. Their philosophy is that old laws can apply to new circumstances through correct interpretation.

Democrats are typically progressive or liberal. Their philosophy is that you should just keep writing new laws.

I watched a documentary on JFK's assisination a while back. He was a democrat. It talked a little about the conspiracy theories and aluded that Nixon, a republican, changed how Republicans did things when he took office.

It would seem that Republican leadership started doing more under the board to manipulate the country. They started being sneaky.

Democrats meanwhile became Socialist, wanting to tax the people more, but offer more government benefits.

There has been some cross over recently, with current administration spending money like a crack whore and offering more and more welfare programs, and democrats becoming more and more devious.

So my summary of the two parties is this, and bear in mind there is a lot of cross over.

Neither party trusts you to live responsibly.

Republicans just do whatever they think is best and tell you it in your best interest.

Democrats want to control your money, and then use welfare programs to manipulate you into living the life they want you to.

Both parties use fear and slander to make you think the other party is the enemy. Once you step back from the crap though, you realize that we're all in this together, and the politicians are just a bunch of scum sucking, bottom feeding, turd for brains arseholes you wouldn't trust to sit the right way on a toilet seat.

Bring it on Secret Service, I'm not the one reporting to a monkey!

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