Thursday, February 07, 2008

Drug Experimentation

I have a Valium at home. It was one of the drugs found in Heath Ledger's system, and so partially to blame for his accidental over-dose. It's supposed to make you relaxed. I think it might be an anti-depressant or something.

Generally I'm opposed to taking drugs... I use Ibuprofen a lot with running, and I think I take about 45-50 capsules of various supplements and amino acids a day, but they're all natural - I promise!

Tomorrow morning though, I shall be taking a wee trip on the Valium express. It's a small blue pill and only contains 10mg of the drug. It's scheduled to go down the hatch at 8am. I am not planning on operating any motor vehicles there-after.

I shall give a full report, once I escape the effects of it and some other drugs this weekend.


  1. You know vets use valium to stimulate the appetites of anorexic cats.

  2. Yikes! Does this mean I might get the munchies even worse than I had them today?

  3. Is there a reason you are taking this valume?

    Did a doctor give you the valume schedule?

    Or are you just taking the day off to try out a little experiment?

  4. You may remember a post some months ago Click here for it.

    Well tomorrows the day. Last friday was the pr-op visit, and tomorrow is the main visit. I could share more details, but I'm pretty sure no-one is that interested...

  5. Oh wow. Oh man.

    But 5 is enough, that's for sure.

  6. 5 is definitely enough. ACtually we thing 2 is the perfect number, decided to stop at 4, and then #5 managed to sneak in somehow - hence the drastic measures at this point.

    It went well, the valium was OK, nothing amazing, but I was pretty relaxed. I'm off for an afternoon on Codeine watching Seasons 1 & 2 or Arrested Development!

  7. Well, it can't get much better than Arrested Developement.