Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spiritual Experience

I had an interesting experience on Saturday night. As you may have noticed, I've kind of had a wee chip on my shoulder this week - OK, so it was a big chip, but never-the-less, there was still a chip.

For Christmas, I got the missus, tickets to the Sara Bareillis concert in Provo, Saturday night. I'm going to do another blog later today or tomorrow about the concert itself, but there was something she said that rang a chord with me, and got rid of that wee little chip!

Sara is a singer/songwriter and immensely talented. Midway through the concert she stopped to introduce a song and shared the story of how the song come into being. For some time, she'd been turning songs into her record company, only to have them reject them. It got to the point where she was pretty depressed and just not enjoying the whole process any more. Part that then struck me, was that she then got upset with herself, and I quote, "For giving a shit what other people thought about what she was doing."

She decided to sit down and write the most honest song she could and hopefully use that as a springboard to get back to who she really was and what she enjoyed doing.

The song she wrote was "Love Song". It has been her biggest hit to date. The crowd went wild.

Some people made some mistakes last week. Whether they were right or not, is not up to me, and when it comes down to it, I really shouldn't give a crap what they think of me, or I think of them.

I've been feeling much better since!

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