Thursday, January 31, 2008

How to be like Hugh...

So there I was at the gym a week or two ago, and as I'm peddling away on the exercise bike, a documentary starts about the life of Hugh Hefner, the infamous founder of Playboy magazine.

I would like to first thank The Gatsby for reminding me of this, with his reference to Penthouse in todays blog - If you're interested, his blog today is really funny, even for the ladies.

Anyway, so being in the midst of a race against the clock, I couldn't really go change the channel, although I think that the two ladies who came in midway through the show, thought my buddy and I were dirty old men, but that's neither here nor there.

I've always just figured that Hugh was somewhat of a dirty old man, but the documentary was actually very interesting. Here are somethings I learned...

He took quite a risk to start Playboy, but through determination and hardwork he created a very successful magazine.
He came from a religious home where not much love was shown towards him.

The most important thing I learned was why women appear to flock to the man... Apparently he is a real gentleman, and treats them so well, that they just feel really good to be around him...

Perhaps I need to make some changes to my approach to life...


  1. the cynic in me believes young ladies flock to Mr H because he is filthy rich, and famous. It's nice that he's polite but I bet they wouldn't be there if he was poor, unknown but terribly nice!

  2. You're probably right... I used to think I was a nice guy too... kind a lonely too.