Monday, February 11, 2008

The Weekend Report

Alright, I'm reporting back on the Valium and other drug experiments of the weekend. This also includes a full report on my TV and movie watching as well.

I ended up taking the Valium at 8:15 and then driving - well, being driven up to Ogden to see the doctor. All things considered it wasn't a bad experience. I was expecting a little more kick from the Valium, but all I got was that cotton ball feeling in my head, like I was sitting in a sauna or something. I was sent home an hour later with a prescription for Tylenol with Codeine. I had a couple on Friday, 2 on Saturday and then decided that they just made me feel worse, so I guess I'll keep the rest for a special occasion... Which will most likely be a drug flushing ceremony 5 years after they expire.

Friday saw me finish up Season 1 of Arrested Development and start on season 2. We purchased a Media PC for the bedroom a few weeks back, and discovered the beta test for Internet TV through Media Center... It has three seasons of Arrested Development included. The viewing was interrupted by the wife who wanted to watch Ghost Whisperer, but that wasn't a bad break.

Saturday saw continued viewing of Arrested Development, while my 5 year old daughter snuggled up to me in the bed. I also begun the day with plan to do a juice fast, but that ended as soon as the wife's friend brought over subways and cheetos. I did resist the cup cakes though, at least until right before they left.

That night I finished Season 3 of Arrested Development - which was when the show was cancelled, and then at around 11:30pm, I started on "The Brave One". I should probably mention that I took a 5 hour nap in the afternoon. I would give this movie 4 and a half stars out of 5. I thought the acting was good, and the story line was sufficient to keep me awake until 2 am. It's a wee bit bloody, but nothing too bad.

Sunday saw my first trip out of the house, and an attempt to teach a Sunday School class about Freedom of Choice and Obedience - I just can't do that anymore, since I think the two principles are in opposition - The kids didn't mind since they talked about everything from fashion to "Shredding on some sweet verts"

Sunday afternoon I watched SWAT, punctuated by a delicious dinner and then finished reading The Golden Compass. I'm still trying to gather my thoughts on that. I'm tempted to read it again, but then I also want to start on the next book and find out what happens. I intend writing a full report on the book later this week. Excellent, excellent read. Sadly I think I share more beliefs with an atheist, than those with whom I attend religious services with.

So in looking back... I accomplished very little this weekend, but feel pretty rested today. I also watched an entire online broadcast of a Gomez concert from Chicago. If you haven't heard of them, I'd recommend giving them a listen.

In lieu of todays' mashup I'm including the following clip. The song is See the World by Gomez, the video was made by someone else, but it's not too bad.


  1. You got way more acomplished than I would have in your situation.

  2. but the big question is, did it hurt? would you recommend it to other gentlemen?

  3. Well, if you want the details...

    The procedure itself didn't hurt much at all. The worst part was the local aneasthetic and even that wasn't bad. I had it done Friday morning, and got off the pain stuff on Saturday because I didn't like how I was feeling with it. It's not pain free by any means, there is a dull ache, but it hasn't stopped me from working, hitting the gym and that kind of thing.

    I'd highly recommend it, it's less invasive that a similar procedure on a woman, it's pretty fail safe. You know how other methods of birth control are 85% effective and such - we always manage to luck out with the 15% ineffective part.

    In short it beats the heck out of giving birth, and trade a week of screaming kids all night and do it again.

    I'd be happy to share more if you want more specifics. I'd make sure you go with a Urologist though... Not just a GP.

  4. So it uh... Like... Uh... Does it... I mean... uh...


  5. Gats, if you really want to know, just ask! One of the advantages of being a faceless entity on the web, is that I consequently have almost no self consciousness!

    You could always just post an anonymous comment or something...