Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Grand Prize and Mild Schizophrenia

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know the range of topics is pretty broad. I share everything from interesting life events to my opinions of religion and politics.

I've found that my opinions, while a passionate topic for me, are probably not often read or appreciated by others - not a bad thing, there just seems to be a surplus of angry white men with opinions out there, and I have yet to find a niche I can uniquely fill.

So with that in mind, so changes are under way in the world of the Urban Koda...

Change #1 - I purchased the domain a year or 2 ago, intending to use it as a different brand for my home business. That didn't work so well, and first client I had on it ended up screwing me (Well not literally, and being a somewhat older lady, I'm just grateful that wasn't the case!) Anyway, I have repositioned that domain and intend doing more with it in the future. Right now it just points to this blog.

Change #2 - I've added 2 other blogs.

Koda Fit is going to be devoted to my escapades into increased physical fitness. Something got tweaked in my brain last year, and somehow now I enjoy undergoing intense physical pain. If you want to keep track of my triathlons, marathons, yoga and other stuff, you might enjoy it. Check it later today for a review of the new Yoga DVD I tried last night.

Koda Think Tank is going to be the blog where I hide all my political and religious rantings and ravings. I'm not expecting much traffic, but the big benefit is I will now have an outlet other than my wife to spew my opinions on.

Change #3 - I'm going to work on marketing my blog a little more. Sometime in the next week on Koda Fit, I'm going to have a chance for a reader to win a 6 month gym membership at the University of Utah Rec Center. Please let me know if you would like to be considered for that... I'm also planning on offering incentives for people to trade links with me and a few other things still in the process. If you want to consider putting a link on your blog to mine, let me know your price - I don't have much money but will consider interesting trades!

Anyway, so hopefully with those changes in place, or coming, you can read this blog with out being offended or wondering why I have yet to slit my wrists, and it you want to see either the dark side of my mind which is religion and politics, or the wacky fitness side, you know where to go as well.

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