Friday, January 01, 2010

Best Year Ever!!

I've probably mentioned this multiple times, but I'm starting this year out with incredible optimism. I've talked about blogging exactly why on a couple of occasions, but it's something I'm struggling to put into words. I can only describe it as the most incredible feeling that big things are coming, but at the same time increasing gratitude for each day I get to experience.

To start off this year, I'm going to be trying something I tried a couple of years ago and didn't quite make. It's a thing called NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month, which is actually in November, but the network which promotes it, has started doing a monthly one as well. The only requirement is to post something every day, and if you want to, they have a them as well. This months theme is "The Best!"

I figured, being that this will be "The Best Year Ever!" that this would be an appropriate theme to kick it off with. I intend to blog about my best music, my best friend and many other aspects of my life which I feel are better than ever.

It's going to be a great year. The family and I have some big plans to improve out situation. Problems of a religious nature appear to be diminishing and on the fitness front, I've got some major things planned. IronMan in May, a couple of Ultra distance running races and the only thing which could possibly top this year will be 2011.

So, stay tuned and as you begin a New Year, may it bring to you and your families both peace and prosperity!



  1. glad things are improving. i'm continually impressed by your times, only because you sometimes beat my son and his peers. if you're in your 30s and can compete with the grade 8 xc team then you're in pretty freakin' great shape.

    religion should be an enhancement to your life. if it's not, then dump it.

  2. Thanks Gregoire!

    Yeah, Religion has such great potential for good. Pity is just misses the mark more often than not.

  3. Nice post & nice blog. I love both.