Monday, January 18, 2010

Best Excuses - Part 2

Today's Excuse...

Why I won't be winning anything for this months edition of NaBloPoMo.

Yesterday was kinda busy. I woke up and tried to get a quick cycle in on my trainer, but I wasn't feeling it. 4 miles later, I went upstairs and changed into my running clothes.

It was about 25 degree (-4 or so I'm thinking for my non-US readers), and it was really misty. It was actually quite pleasant to run in, and I returned home covered in frost, with little balls of ice on the ends of my eye lashes.

Then it was off for a quick stint at Church, whereat it was only confirmed to me that I really need to get out of this teaching gig.

As a complete aside, have you ever realize just how many holes there are in the story of Adam and Eve?

Back from Church, changed into cycling clothes and went to hook up with a couple of tri-club members for the annual polar bear ride, which we all missed on New Years Day.

The air was crappy and cold, but it was actually nice to not be indoors. Got to meet a few new triathlete friends and returned home. All in all a good day, except that I was wiped out by the end of it, and forgot to blog.

I spent most of today installing a new water heater. Easy enough, except when they built the house, they put the heater in, and then installed the gas and framed around it... There was no way of getting it out.

So far I have taken out a big section of 1 wall and a bit of the adjacent wall. I've also removed 4 studs. Home Depot opens tomorrow at 6am. I'll be there shortly thereafter to purchase a pipe cutter, some MAAP gas, and I then hope to learn how to solder pipes. Hopefully I'll get to work before noon, leaving Mrs Koda, with access to a hot water source that runs at more than just a trickle.


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome day of bike training, running & biking with friends except for an hour or so of teaching duty. Sounds like Mrs. Koda's day SUCKED because it was a 24 hour babysitting-fest. Sorry :) Just callin' it like I see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Just wait until one of the kids in your class asks "did Adam & Eve have belly buttons?" It's going to happen one day, be prepared :)

  3. Mouse - I've been anticipating that question since the beginning of the year... And since my opinion will cause shock waves through-out the religious world - at least as it pertains to our congregation, I've concluded that I shall direct the youngster in question to ask their parents!


    So armed with your comment, I ascended from my basement lair, to bestow upon the dear Mrs Koda, adulations of my incredible gratitude, for she truly is an awesome woman...

    And it turns out that I neglected to mention too that most of her weekend was spent looking after 2 kids who were entertaining the Puke Fairy....

    Now in my defense...

    The Saturday event is an annual one I do with the oldest boy.

    The run on Sunday morning was accomplished mostly while Mrs Koda was either sleeping, or watching TV shows during which I usually make snide comments, and so my absence was appreciated.

    I almost stayed home from the Polar Bear ride, but the dear lady was actually in favor of my going.

    Still, I know I've got a pretty cushy wife, and an awesome wife, and so I shall simply hang my head in shame, resolve to do minimal training this coming weekend, and take the aforementioned awesome wife to a warmer place for her birthday in 2 weeks!