Monday, January 11, 2010

Best Idea - God Supported the Obama Presidential Bid

This story has been all over the news this morning... Apparently when asked to be the Vice Presidential nominee for the McCain presidential nomination, young Sarah Palin said that it was God's plan for her.

I know for some unknown reason, women feel drawn to the former governor of Alaska, but I suspect many of those who like her, would likely have voted for McCain any way.

I wonder how many people didn't vote for McCain because of his choice for VP.

Andy Borowitz just summed up my thoughts perfectly:

Palin supposedly believed her candidacy was God's plan. I agree, but so were locusts.

If God did indeed have a plan in getting Palin picked, then I think it is fairly obvious he is an Obama supporter, and it would appear that he has a rather wicked sense of humor as well!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Excellent point.

  2. Lol, very good point. I know several people who were on the fence between the two candidates, and the selection of Palin definitely pushed them to the Obama side of the fence, NO QUESTION.