Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best Question

About a year ago, it came out that a local Utah Senator by the name of Chris Buttars had made a statement to the effect that the Gay Movement is the greatest threat to the United States of America.

Earlier this week, the movie for which he was interviewed was debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. There is a whole bunch more to this story and you can see more clips over at a piece by Latter-day Chino - here.

I'm just going to include 1 video clip here. If you can stomach watching this, it's Senator Buttars response to his appearing in the movie as a homophobic bigot.

So just to clarify... His excuse for saying that Gays are the greatest threat to America is that he was 'cleverly' deceived by the crew putting together the movie (8 : The Mormon Proposition).

Here's my question for the good Senator...

How exactly were you deceived?

Here's the thing:

He claims the camera crew were wearing BYU shirts and talking about their missions and that was how they deceived him.

He also claimed in another video that he had checked on the Reed Cowan's background, and had been told he was a 'stand-up' guy.

So there we have the Senator, sitting down in his office with the impression that the person interviewing him was a stand-up guy, and that everyone involved in the interview were faithful LDS members because they served missions and had BYU shirts on.

So in that environment, he then chose to spew forth his unique brand of anti-gay rhetoric.

So if that is all true, the one can only assume that amongst other Mormons, a Mormon can feel relaxed and spew forth this kind of crap. Did they trick him into being honest?

That looks pretty poorly on your religion Mr. Senator.

Oh, but there is more... After reviewing all the media associated with the interview, it turns out that while one of the camera men had on a BYU jacket, it was the only piece of BYU attire in the room at the time. Reed Cowan, who conducted the interview, has a picture of he and the good senator and he is most definitely not wearing a BYU shirt.

So, in his explanation of how he was cleverly tricked by the makers of the documentary, he lies to explain how he was tricked.

That looks pretty poorly on your personal integrity Mr. Senator.

Finally, after these remarks, as well as other comments about a bill he opposed being a 'black baby' of a bill, Mr. Buttars has shown himself to be both a homophobe and a racist. And yet, because of his political affiliation, he got re-elected.

The looks pretty poorly on both your party and those you represent as well, Mr. Senator.

Finally, Mr Buttars confirms that he is LDS and that as such he is obliged to believe that traditional marriage between a man and a woman is what he should support.

Let me finish with this wonderful quote by Brigham Young. Second Prophet of the LDS Church and founder of the State of Utah...

"Monogamy, or restrictions by law to one wife, is no part of the economy of heaven among men. Such a system was commenced by the founders of the Roman empire....Rome became the mistress of the world, and introduced this order of monogamy wherever her sway was acknowledged. Thus this monogamic order of marriage, so esteemed by modern Christians as a holy sacrament and divine institution, is nothing but a system established by a set of robbers."

Why do we believe in and practice polygamy? Because the Lord introduced it to his servants in a revelation given to Joseph Smith, and the Lord's servants have always practised it. 'And IS THAT RELIGION POPULAR IN HEAVEN?' IT IS THE ONLY POPULAR RELIGION THERE,..."

Brigham Young, The Deseret News, August 6, 1862

Let me join with Mr. Cowan in requesting the resignation of Senator Buttars.

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