Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best Challenge

So I finally got the water heater installed...

It took a LOT longer than I thought it would. I chronicled the adventure from yesterday of taking down a wall of two and removing the studs from inside.

This morning, I got the pipes cut and was able to manouver the new heater into place. It's the same capacity as the old one, but significantly bigger, I'm thinking this is due to increased insulation, and hence better efficiency.

Then came the trick of connecting the pipes and the gas. The gas, which I had feared the most was actually the easiest part of the operation. It was the water connections which gave me fits. Rather than learning the art of soldering, I opted for some compression fittings and a series of flexible steel encased pipes. It's not the prettiest connection setup, but it works, and it should make maintenance a lot easier.

I was up well before 6am this morning, and shortly after noon, I finally got it to fire up. Sometime around 2, the water finally appeared to have reached it's optimal temperature.

I'm calling this mental training for IronMan!

And here's what I'm listening too right now, just since this is rather a boring post!

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