Monday, January 04, 2010

Best Video

I used to love this video when I was a kid, and I believe the rumor at the time was (probably best spelled rumour though, due to where I was living) was that it was the most expensive music video made up to that time.

While my taste in music has changed quite significantly since that time, and while if I were to hear the song for the first time now, I'd probably change the station, still it brings with it a sense of comfort and good memories from my youth.

One of the most vivid is of a church road show which we put together one year, and ended with some reworked lyrics to this song. The point was to convey a sense of unity in a country ripped apart by apartheid, although I suspect many, including those who did the words, were still part of the culture causing the division.

So here it is... We All Stand Together by Paul McCartney

And as an aside...

At a couple of points during this video by Jason Mraz, I'm sure he looks exactly like Mr. or should I say Sir Paul. Anyone else see it?

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