Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best Birth Control

Several months ago, I spent a rather long weekend replacing the carpet in our family room with laminate flooring. The result is a surface which is both easy to clean, and which adds a certain amount of warmth and charm to the room.

It also provides a great surface for kids to have fun on.

We purchased 4 wiggle cars for Christmas this year. They're kind of a cool design and you turn the front wheels and shift your body weight to get them to move, and of course the youngest of the kids stick their legs out the sides and push them along as well.

Last night, after dinner was finished and the Mrs and I were cleaning up, the volume from the aforementioned room seemed to increase exponentially.

They're rolled back the big rug in the center of the room, and were all racing around like mad things. I pulled out my phone to get a video of it, and then accomplished my first YouTube video upload.

Now, before you view it, and pass judgement...

It was my first YouTube video, and I realize now, that by zooming in and out caused some rather loud beeps to occur. I also learned to inform the kids before hand, so you don't have one sitting mid-frame saying... Dad, are you recording us? Dad are you recording us....

And it was taken with my cell phone, so the image quality is somewhat lacking.

If you're considering having kids, I'd urge you to watch this video as part of foreplay.

Of course in all seriousness, while there are far too many of them, I wouldn't give any of these guys up for anything. Love 'em all to death. And I think this video is proof too that I married the world's most incredible woman. The fact that she deals with this day in and day out, and has yet to be institutionalized, or medicated with anything other than the occasional Coke or 3 Musketeers bar is testament to her awesomeness!!

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  1. Kudos to Mrs UK, that she survives that daily is astounding.
    Me, I like my quiet reading time, so yes, that is indeed the best birth control video I've ever seen. I thank you! :)