Thursday, October 01, 2009

Probably an honest mistake....

So there I was discussing matters of great importance with a co-worker this morning... And I made a somewhat humorous comment.

He responded with...


Which I figured was just him trying to do an lol and mixing up the letters.

I should add at this point that the l in the font I use doesn't have the like line at the top or bottom. So basically it was circle - long straight line - circle.

I was about to ask if he was trying to create a new, shorthand way of saying BS, but then my dirty mind kicked in...

Now, I'm wondering if I just got called a dick...


  1. In reality, this young fellow got a little a offended when I used the H word in my facebook status one day. You know, the "H - E - L - L" one, and so I'm almost 100% certain it was an innocent mistake.

  2. It doesn't sound like he'd do that on purpose. maybe it's some emoticon we're not familiar with yet, every now and then I see one that leaves me perplexed.