Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some Give and Take

OK folks, after wrapping up humour/humor week on Being the Urban Koda, I wanted to get your advice...

I've actually enjoyed trying to focus on the lighter side of life over the past week, and I'm hoping you've enjoyed the break from the political and religious rantings of a man who may not be completely emotionally and mentally stable. Hey - even my own parents have suggested that I seek professional help!

So here's what I want to know... My intent was to make this blog fairly light and comical and to relegate my cynical rantings and critical observations to my other blog - The Koda Think Tank. From time to time however, content from that blog creeps over to this one. Do you like it when that happens, or do you think I try and keep this blog clear of any part of that?

All suggestions and advise are welcome...

Next, if I may offer some advice to the Republican Party and perhaps to Conservatives in general. I've been noticing political bumper stickers over the past few weeks from last years election. Utah may be one of the few states where sporting a bumper sticker in support of the candidate who lost a past election may be seen as a badge of honor.

I've noticed there are two main types of bumper sticker out there...

1 - The Pro Obama type of bumber sticker (Somewhat rare in Utah, but you can find them)

2 - The Anti Obama type of bumber sticker (Actually very prevalent in Utah)

To an outsider it might appear as though there was only really one choice in the election last year and it was a yes or no vote. Do you want Obama or don't you?

I think the problem with Mr. Obama's opponents... Who was it again... Oh yeah, old man McCain and his yappy little 'maverick' lap dog from Alaska. Anyway, the problem was that they didn't really stand for anything. Their entire platform was "I'm not Obama", "Obama is a black, marxist, socialist" and "Obama's really a citizen of the Country of Africa". Of course there were the lesser issues, of "I was a POW" and "Everyone's being mean to poor 'I can see Russia from my house' Pallin". But that was about the extent of their campaign.

My advise to Conservatives...

1 - Get a backbone, and figure out what you stand for and than try actually standing for it. Your previous candidate ran on a platform of building the economy and fiscal responsibility, and just like Larry Craig's stated heterosexual preferences, that turned out to be a huge freakin' joke - or it would be if he hadn't racked up the deficit like a 13 year old girl with a stolen credit card.

2 - Quit being so damn whiny.

3 - Quit with the dirty politics.

4 - Quit pandering to your buddies who hide their corruption behind big money bribes/lobbying.

5 - Actually read the Constitution and apply it equally to you and the other side.

I see the Conservative platform as one which would embrace freedom. It's about lower taxes, less government spending and opposed to corporate and government corruption. In many ways I really, really would like to support something like that.

Why don't you start trying to be a positive catalyst for change! Instead of deriding change as some pernicious evil.

My idea's may be a little far fetched for most of the party, but lets be honest here guys... What you've got going right now, obviously doesn't work!!

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