Friday, October 02, 2009

Your assistance for something Legen... Wait for it... DARY!!!

Alright folks... I know we've got some great minds out there.

It's coming up on the annual work Halloween party, and since I'm the lone representative from my team who likes to participate, I need to come up with a really cool costume.

By way of explanation, my team are all IT Geeks (myself included), so their lack of desire to participate is kind of understandably.


2 years ago, I did "The Man in the Yellow Hat", which went over fairly well, except I had to explain it to everyone - Seriously, did no-one watch Curious George as a kid?!

Last year I went as Dracula, and won most scary.

This year, I'm hoping for something on the humorous side...

Some ideas I've thought up already, include...

Road Kill - I dress in black, with a white, dashed line across the middle, and a critter (likely a donated stuffed toy) with a bloody tire mark through it to the side.

Sexy Nurse - I'll be doing a half ironman a week later, so I could just shave my legs a week early. I just worry about walking in high heels, and then there's the fact that I'll need to walk around like that all day...

Mrs Koda also has a genuine, full Indian Sari outfit - which would require a shaving of the stomach, but could work as well.

Anyone have any LEGENDARY ideas?

I'll post pictures!!


  1. I'm afraid I'm no help. I have zero imagination re costumes. I just wear the same blue afro wig every year. Lame.

  2. I didn't have any ideas for you, either. Until I came across this blog post, that is!

  3. Nice one Emily!! I may have to try that out. Thanks