Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lying for Jesus

I've noticed an interesting phenomenon over the years, something which doesn't seem confined to just Mormonism, and something which I have been guilty of in the past too.

When people speak of Christian values, I would suspect that in most, if not all cases, the idea of honesty comes up. Good Christians don't lie.


There seems to be an unwritten law, that if you're lying on behalf of Jesus, then it's OK.

This was brought home this week as I read a critique of a painting. You can view the painting here and the critique here.

I'm always amazed how certain people like to make a big deal about how this nation was founded on the principles of Christianity and that the bad part of America seems to have forgotten it, and yet, in reality, it wasn't.

Yet somehow, even when you bring up a point like that, they'll acknowledge it, and still find a way to justify it, and keep on spreading their ignorance around.

Interestingly enough... While looking at the painting in question, I had the following thoughts.

1. I wonder if the artist was tempted to paint Glenn Beck into the painting, as one of the zealots, trying to save this 'Christian' nation.

2. I wonder if this guy is a Mormon as well.

Well... Turns out the dude is a Mormon, and while it doesn't depict Beck, if you look closely at the Black college student, he's holding a copy of Skousen's 5 Thousand Years book, which seems to have become Becks personal scripture in recent years.


  1. Cleon Skousen was a total kook! LOL! The Glenn Beck of his era. He spoke at one of our (LeBaron) family reunions. I didn't attend but heard that it was a laugh a minute.

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    The closeup just gets better and better. I love the distinctly Jewish stereotyping on "Mr. Hollywood". Also humorous how the artist re-writes all the founding fathers as good Christians, devoted to Jesus. He obviously hasn't taken a history course at any time in his life.

    Thanks for posting this! Great stuff & very funny!

  3. I wish I could take credit for it, but some fellow bloggers were responsible.

    My personal favorites were the Supreme Court Judge and the College Professor.

    And then the Civil war soldier with his head in his hands.

    I'm thinking the artist prefers to study only faithful history though... That which while it may not be true, helps to re-enforce his faith in Christ.

  4. I may have to repost with my added insanity...I'd like to say it surprises me but...

    It is becoming increasingly frustrating (especially since I now live in Utah) as people simply regurgitate their versions of history (as told through religious leaders or FoxNews prophets) instead of studying for themselves.

    Funny how Rush, Glenn, Sean, Ann, etc seem to be have achieved status as authoritative historians and party leaders while we liberals just continue to let our entertainers stay in entertainment...Al Franken exempted, lol.