Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All Well and Good Except...

Here's a nice quote from that speech I talked about yesterday...

"We must insist on our constitutional right and duty to exercise our religious, to vote our consciences on public issues, and to participate in elections and debates in the public square."

Hey, I'd agree with that, except...

The LDS Church doesn't believe it's members should exercise their consciences on public issues if the hierarchy of the Church decides they should all vote one way.

Hey Elder Oaks... You'll all upset about intimidation and all... Are you going to haul my Stake President before a disciplinary council for calling me a traitor to the faith because I shared a different political opinion to you and the prophet?

Of course not, it's only intimidation when the other people do it. For you it's righteous guidance or something, because I'm not "worthy" enough to follow the right path prescribed for me by you...

Apparently Mr. Oaks has also not read his Church history either... One of the key reasons the Mormons were chased out of a settlement prior to Salt Lake City, was because they had formed a voting bloc. It didn't matter which candidate ran, the leader of the Mormons would tell them how to vote, and that was how they voted.

It was a problem then, it's a problem now, and don't try and hide it behind "Defending our religious freedom."


  1. traitor to the faith - a badge of honour in my book!

  2. Yeah, but it still doesn't quite have the zing power of...

    "Philosophies of Satan in the Marrow of my bones"

    I still need to order the shirts for that one... I'll send you one when I get them!

  3. I'll need two, Mr Brown will want one too - his What Would Richard Dawkins Do ? T is wearing thin!