Monday, October 05, 2009

Flawed Logic

I spent my weekend reading, biking, shopping and cooking. Most other people in my neighborhood spent in front of their TV's, soaking up the words of wisdom from the Mormon Hierarchy in Salt Lake.

So that I didn't appear completely ignorant at work this morning though, I did spend a little time reviewing the conference online to see what was said - not that it would be anything different from what has been said in the past. Repent, avoid pornography and be obedient.

Turns out most of the conference was, but I came across this great statement...

Attacks on the Book of Mormon can't be true, because the Church still exists.

That may have been paraphrased, but.... Um, OK Dude, but by that logic, shouldn't any religion which is attacked for it's beliefs, but yet still exists, be a true religion? Catholics, Jehovah's witnesses, Muslims, Buddhism, Paganism...

And just so you're aware, many other Church's still use the Book of Mormon as well... Some even practice the original doctrines of polygamy!! So does the fact that they still exist imply that they are God's one true religion as well.

I've become someone amused and fascinated in recent years about attempts to prove scientifically that the principles of the LDS Church are true. 1 piece of evidence which supports the Book of Mormon as an historical evidence is held up as absolute proof, while anything which disputes it, like DNA evidence, is simply dismissed as a product of Intellectuals intent on destroying God's One True Church.


  1. Don't even get me started.

  2. I think ultimately you and I would likely arrive at the same place with this...

    H E L L O !?!

  3. I think what's bugging me on this is the emphasis on everything being literal. Anything literal must have some way of proving it so, and so they're desperately trying to find it.

    If on the other hand it were all figurative, and the stories and principles are to be used as tools to further our understanding of our spiritual natures - which is how I think it should all be interpreted anyway, I think it would work far better and be far more beneficial for those who follow it.

    I sense a mega blog post brewing in my head....

  4. Most of the arguments you get from Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, etc. is the same nonsense.

    Our sacred book (TM) is accurate, and the proof is written down in the sacred book (TM)!!