Friday, January 25, 2008

The Connie Young Saga

I was going to launch the third of 3 new features today, but owing to the fact that I still can't walk, I've opted to launch Fitness Friday at a later date.

I did some rearranging of the side bar of the blog this week. I used to have a couple of political related links up the top, and while I am pretty passionate about politics, I realized not many readers care, and then most politicians appear to be scum sucking bottom feeders, and so I've moved those links to the bottom.

The first set of links now points to the blogs of regular readers and commenter's on the Urban Koda blog. If you are a regular reader and would like your blog to appear here, just indicate that in a comment and I'll add you as soon as possible. If you would like to link to the Urban Koda blog, I would of course be very grateful.

The next item down is a new widget from Dilbert comics. I didn't used to get Dilbert, but then I got an office job and I now live the Dilbert life. This little widget is still in the testing phase but will be available to the general public in a month or so. Speaking of Dilbert - another talented Web Developers out there... I may know of a couple of good positions in Salt Lake - Just let me know if you want more information.

Below Dilbert is the Hot Babe Trifecta. I blogged on this a month or 2 back. You can read that one here. The most contented issue was that Kiera Knightly is in my top three. I gave my reasons for this at the time, but it still raised some questions. Anyway, in the last week or so, young Kiera's position has been challenged. There is a local actress from Salt Lake City called Connie Young. Not only is she pretty hot, but she has an INCREDIBLE voice. She's been on the morning radio show I listen to a couple of times over the past week, and generally makes it hard for me to concentrate on driving.

The problem with Connie is this... Mrs. Koda is OK with the Trifecta, as long as it contains only girls who could reasonably be considered to not give me the time of day. For some reason since Connie is a local lass, apparently she poses a bigger threat. Anyway, the jury is still out on this one...

I still don't think I would stand a snowballs chance in hell with her, and in reality I probably wouldn't risk anything I currently have if I did have a shot...


  1. Regarding the Dilbert Widget, in this interview Scott Adams explains why he's essentially giving away the store:

  2. A girl from Mollywood? (That's right. Films from India are Bollywood so why can't Mormon movies be Mollywood -patent pending-) That's a pretty slippery slope Koda. Oh well, Connie is reasonably cute so I guess I can still respect you. Just don't you dare ever try to include either of the girls that starred in "Anxiously Engaged" in that trifecta. They are a little scary.
    Have you ever considered having a Quadfecta? Quadre? fourfecta? What would be the apropriate word for a trifecta of four?

  3. Quadfecta? What do you think I am?!!

    Just kidding... I have considered the possibility of expanding the ranks, but:

    Trifecta just sounds cool.

    Plus I'd had it to lose the prestige of being in the trifecta. Like hotels that are in the top 100 - generally means they're at position 99 or something and there are almost 100 better places to stay.

    I may switch her out with Kiera if I can get spousal approval, the other option was Natasha, but she was on Jay Leno last night and looked mighty fine!

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  5. Yeah, I guess that last comment was a little disturbing!!

    It did raise a valid point though!