Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big Announcement

I mentioned at the end of one of my posts yesterday that I would be including a big announcement today.

If you look to the left of this blog, you will notice that it features the brand spanking new Dilbert Widget which allows you to view the daily dilbert cartoon in full color. This is however not the topic of the big announcement.

I wrote a blog a few months back entitled No More Kodas. I think it was one of my better posts and got a fairly good response. The appointment in question is scheduled for 2 weeks time. Once that is taken care of, I think we can be pretty certain that there won't be anymore. The problem is that at the time the appointment was made, another koda was already in the making. It wasn't expected, but we're pretty excited anyway. Mrs Koda is expecting the wee one to appear at the begining of August, which might get in the way of this year's Magnathon Triathlon, but I won't be making the mistake of bringing that one up again! Last night was a little chilly at the Koda household for that very reason.

The Kodalets are mixed in their preference as to the preferred gender of the little one. The oldest male wants a wee brother. The oldest female want's a sister. Little lady in the middle want's a sister, since little brothers are apparently too mean, and the youngest lad is pretty much clueless at this point. We should know in a month or two though, and I sure regardless of what it comes out being, it'll be loved as much as the others.


  1. How would you and your family feel if it were an alien?

  2. Well first off, congratulations to you both, I've been told by others that bebes are rather nice when they are your own.
    Second, never mind you can always sell them for medical experiments

  3. congratulations on this wunderbar news of a new kodette! Very excitement. are you going to do a sraw poll for names once the sex of your newbie is known?

  4. Congratulations!!

    LOL - sell them for medical experiments. Loved it.

  5. Thanks gals!!

    Creativity - Well, reactions would be mixed. They seem to start out looking like aliens, so that might not be too much of a shock. There would be obvious financial benefits, but the government would likely come in and take that one away. Either way I think it's going to get loved just as much as the others.

    Morgan - I'm still laughing from the Video, as is the Mrs. Excellent!

    CAW - Excellent Idea, look for a poll sometime in March I'm thinking.

    e - Thanks - Looks like your road to recovery is going well - Hope it keeps going!

  6. Or you can loan the little Kodaling to a reality show. Have you heard about "the Baby Borrowers"?

  7. Hmmmm... Reality Show or Medical Experiments...

    I think the kids may actually fare better with the medical experiments!