Thursday, January 17, 2008

American Made

I'm struggling to look at my computer right now... I've seen far too much of it this last week, and very little of that has been fun. This also explains the lack in blogging of late.

The good news is that as of Monday I am officially a United States Citizen... It was an interesting ceremony but good overall. The biggest problem was reading the "New Citizen" letter from President Bush and trying to reconcile all the lying and other stuff he's done, with his espousing of all the values and responsibilities of being a citizen. I don't have a problem with the form of government here, but there are some real turkeys in office.

Anyway, I'm calling it good for the day. Much more I would like to say, but am seriously lacking in the motivation department.

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  1. Well, congratulations on getting your bit of paper anyhoo - have a nice restful weekend.