Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Digital TV for All

My project this last weekend was to finish up a wee entertainment project I have been working on in the master bedroom. The missus and I had a deal going... The reward for me was that the longer it took for her part, I would get inches added to a new TV. Based on the original agreement, my TV would now be well of 100 inches, but I went for instant gratification and got the 42 inch one at Walmart. I've had it for a couple of weeks, but just got it mounted on the wall, and also got the wiring done for the 5.1 Dolby Surround. I still have a little more todo, but following a couple of days of dissapointent in a few areas, it was remarkably rewarding to be able to use this setup to fully experience the Adventures of one Jason Bourne this past weekend. The Ultimatum ended just minutes to midnight, and I was then able to watch Dick Clark in all his glory count the New Year in. I don't see the attraction of Mr. Clark, but I'm sure many do appreciate him.

So from my bragging on the new home cinema in my room and details of self indulgence let me offer a slight critique on something I found out about this morning.

In February of next year, the government has mandated that all broadcast television be available as a digital signal only. This means that anyone with an old TV and bunny ears will no longer be able to pick up channels on the airwaves.

Having recently upgraded to digital TV myself, I can definitely appreciate the drive behind getting everyone moved over. Nothing quite like that clear crisp signal. But the thing is... Who the hell do the Government think they are for mandating something like this. This is the perfect opportunity for market forces to work their magic. It only took me a month after first finding out about Digital TV to make the switch, and I have been trying to share it with all my friends and aquantances ever since.

There's another little twist to this tale, aside from sticking there noses in places they shouldn't, I found out today, that each household can apply for 2 $40 vouchers from the federal government to allow them to upgrade their antenna's and such to receive the digital signals. When did TV become a need?

Just another reason for my butt to burn as I put together the joke that is my federal tax return this year.


  1. Holy smacking duck poo - that's a big TV - I think mine eyeballs would be frightened by such a thing.
    We've got the compulsory digital switch happening over here too - bastards. We're seriously considering just not watching TV when it finally switches. It's not as if we'd miss much. We'd get news from the radio, papers and internet, could still watch movies and things on the computer. And, it would make me feel a little like an outlaw!

  2. Morgan, I think you get the award for the most creative use of explitives and descriptive terms... I lay in bed for 10 minutes last night, chortling loudly after reading this - Holy smacking duck poo indeed!!

  3. Only about half of America knows about the impending switch and 17% can accurately tell you when it is. This is going to be one of the messier switches of technology ever.

  4. As many as half know... That's impressive especially considering there is still a whole year to go.

    Of course with the feds involved, how could it be anything but messy...