Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trouble Walking...

I'm having a hard time walking today... It started when I got up about 2am this morning to go to the bathroom. I probably shouldn't have had as much water as I did last night, but at least I know I'm hydrated!

Anyway, so I rolled off the bed, and that's when it hit... My calves feel like they have turned into lead, not just the weight, but the flexibility as well. It's been pretty much the same since then, although I did go for a long walk over lunch and it seemed to loosen up. Now they seem tighter than ever.

I guess it's my own fault - Stupid Male Pride. I usually run with a group at lunch, but with the deep freeze going on (We're talking double digits below on the Celcius scale) we decided to do the stairs instead. I made it up and down 78 flights in a hair over a half hour. Then like an idiot I used the leg press machine, the hamstring machine, the quad machine and finally the calf machine at the gym last night...



  1. If I believed in god I would say that this is god's way of punishing you LOL! However, I do not. So, I'll just suggest that you eat some dark (Lindt) chocolate next time you get calf cramps.

    It may not alleviate the cramps but it will make you feel a bit better.

    Your lunchtime exercise regime is admirable. Sometimes I go running. I run to the mailbox and back. It's about 20 feet from the house.

    Or I cycle on our bike that goes nowhere, then I rest in my funky 'lectric massage chair to get over the shock of re-introducing exercise to my day.

  2. I'm always amazed at the people who imagine this mean vindictive god controlling every aspect of their existence, handing out punishments on a whim...

    Dark Chocolate eh? My one weakness! Well, one of many!!!