Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How to wear lemonade in the snow...

This weeks selection for Wise Wednesdays comes from personal experience. Let me set the scene...

The lovely Mrs Koda had her birthday yesterday. I decided to skip the gym and take her out to dinner (Thought it might score me some points, but that's another story)

So we had the kids go over to the friends house and prepared for an exciting evening.

The restaurant of choice was Corbin's in Layton. It's a really nice place, but the prices are a little steep too. Fortunately I had to discuss something about the home business, so my company picked up the tab!

So there we sat in a quiet booth, next to a wonderfully relaxing waterfall wall (I have no idea what you call them). It was a good time. We started with Mango Lemonade. Absolutely delicious and actually tasted like it may have contained real lemon.

The conversation was somewhat lively too... I forget if I was expounding my current distaste with Washington, my views on working for my previous employer or my thoughts on Religeon. Either way it was a lively discussion, and I was employing all my powers of facial expression and hand language to keep it interesting. At this point let me add too that it was well below freezing outside and we would leave to find several inches of snow on the Koda-mobile.

So there I was waving the hands, and the next thing I knew I had knocked the entire glass of Mango Lemonade onto my lap. I think they used real ice too. The waitress was very helpful. She was a little older, so her trying to soak up the excess fluid wasn't as exciting as you might think, but all involved had a great laugh - until I walked outside and my pants froze to my butt!

So the wise advice this week:

Limit the hand motions when sitting in a fancy restaurant and enjoying a nice frosty beverage.


  1. This mango lemonade sounds interesting (for drinking, not applying to the nether regions), is it lemonade with bits of mango wizzed through?
    I've got a good tip for you too, never wear silk if you are planning to sup on laksa!

  2. Usually the flavored lemonades are just 7-Up or Sprite with a shot of fruit juice in them and an elevated price tag. And generally for a Mango one, they'd add one of those mixes that is 95% Apple, Pear, Water and Suger with a smidge of Mango flavoring.

    This one was different. It tasted like it had actually been made with lemons. I suspect that they then mixed in some actual mango puree.

    I like the usual stuff, but this particular one was incredible. But then I'm a HUGE mango fan anyway (Which raises questions as to why I would choose to live in Utah.)

  3. You know, in Darwin, Mango trees grow in the streets... just saying.

  4. In South Africa they do as well, along with copious quantities of Avocados and Pawpaws. As I shovel out from a couple of feet of snow this weekend I have to ask myself - Why did I leave that behind?