Saturday, January 26, 2008

Please Boycott Gatsby!

So theres this guy who blogs online. His blog is actually the first one that I started reading, and then hes one that inspired me to start this blog as well.

Anyway, so recently he wrapped up work on his Blogalicious Trilogy and started a new blog called CodeName: Blogtastica. The blogalicious trilogy were truly inspired, but then he started off this new one with kind of a touchy feely theory he has - Theory was the title.

Anyway, so I got onto his blog this morning to check it out, and was pleased to see that he has finally added the list of blogamaniacs to the left hand side. Thing is, I am no longer sitting at #4 on the list. Fair enough I thought, perhaps he has other readers who have more interesting blogs and comment more often. So I scanned down the list to see just how far I had fallen. I could use any number of explitives here, but I shall refrain... I got to the bottom of the list and still no "Urban Koda" What's worse is that "H" who hasn't blogged since last summer still has his spot?!?!

Anyway, I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being really dissapointed, but I think I'm more just mad. My first inclination was to launch a full on cyber war against the man, but I've been trying to be more of a pacifist lately, so I think a more Gandhi like approach would be better.

So I hereby call on all readers of this blog to boycott any of the blogs by the Mediocre Gatsby. Of course he may not know this is happening if he doesn't read this blog anymore, so if you would like to pay just one last visit and let him know what we're doing that might be the best approach.

My next plan will be to try and join forces with Esteban in the future. This will employ the old "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" approach.


  1. Thanks Guys!

    It's good to have the support!

  2. Hey wait a minute! It was a simple mistake. Of course your on there. An old-time Blog-a-maniac.

  3. No. Es no true. Gatsby is lie. He hablaed to me that he is leave ju off on purpose.

    !Do no listen los him!

  4. Esteban,

    As much as I think I shared your views over the weekend, I'm inclined to believe Gatsby...

    Ultimately I find myself asking the question of why Gatsby would even 'habla' you something like that, and then I start wondering if somehow in your deluded mind, your dreams are getting all mixed up with images of Ingrid/Gatsby and your general rage at the world, and you just imagined that he told you this - Is true, no?