Thursday, October 28, 2010


So did anyone catch The Daily Show last night? Due to increased pressures all around and a severe lack of sleep, I've been neglecting my nightly homage to Mr. Stewart.

Last night however, as I lay in bed, waiting for the beautiful and talented Mrs. Koda to remove her eyes... I switched it on, and found out that... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!


I'll have to grab the show and embed it in a future post, but my thoughts on the interview...

I was reminded of why I like John Stewart and why I voted for Mr. Obama.

It wasn't the usual self-importance assuring, ass-kissing type appearance by a political ally, which one would expect on a network of bottom feeders like those on network like Fox, rather there was a spirited exchange of ideas and some definite calling out on mistakes (by both parties) and correction of perceived errors in judgment.

I feel inspired to vote... And since I'm pretty sure the Tea Party/Uber Conservative types can no longer stomach my blog, I think it best that I simply admonish you all to get out there and vote your conscience.

I'll be voting for freedom, civil liberty and family values, and I'm pretty sure none of my chosen candidates will be related to an elephant in that endeavor.


  1. Thanks! There are a couple of races where it's a vote for the Wack-job incumbent or not...

    I think I shall be writing in Ficus!

  2. Why is it that Fake News show has better reporting and honest conversation as opposed to the so-called "real news" shows? Faux Nooz notwithstanding.

  3. I'll be voting AGAINST the right-wing Tea Party types on November 2nd. I don't know what kind of results I'll see on the news that night, but I feel a responsibility to vote nonetheless.