Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In My Pants

I don't think I've posted this yet, but...

I feel the need to post something humorous, and I have this real deep desire to delve into things of an erotic nature... I may get back to that second thing at a later date.

Anyway, this kind of covers reason 1 and kind of sort of covers 2, except it's not the kind of thing which usually turns me on... Actually it doesn't turn me on at all, but some might.

Thanks to Leah for that one...

And now in a similar vein, and some guys who the group above reminded me of.

An oldy by a goody...

And at least one of these two is from Wellington, which ties this whole post back into what I talked about yesterday.


  1. If it's kinky you're looking for, check out this Tosh.0 clip.

  2. I don't it's kinky that I'm after... It's kinda hard to explain.

    Of course with that said I can't resist a good Tosh.O clip, although I think I should probably resist it at least until I get to a non-work computer.