Friday, October 15, 2010

New Look

Hey Folks! I made some changes to the blog... In case you didn't notice :-)

Unfortunately in the process I lost my graphics and my blogroll.

I think I got most of the blogroll back, and I'm hoping you like the new graphics.

If however you find you or your mates missing from the blogroll on this blog, or my other blog, please let me know.

And if I could enhance the design on this site to make it more readable, I'm happy to oblige there as well. But I can't unless you tell me!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I dig the new look.

    And who needs a blog roll? Everyone reads everyone else, right? It's all just one big happy blog family. that's one thing comments are for: to let you see who reads your blog, and so you can show others you read their blogs.

  2. Who would have thought a web site could have a "wet look". :)

  3. Agreeing with Ms Mouse, this new look is lovely, relaxing on the eye, easy to read. :)

  4. Well... @Holly... The blogroll is more for me. I still haven't gotten into using my Google Reader, and I like the quick summary off to the right.
    @TGD - I know, right?
    @Ms. Mouse - Thanks!
    @Zee Poodle... Thanks for the shout out, and the omission has been rectified!

  5. Thanx for adding me, ducks - muchly appreciando! I notice you like Zee Poodle's little animated meme. If she keeps producing little flicks at this rate, I might have to get her an agent. Jasper carrots!

  6. ps: I think Hugh Jackman needs to replace Neil PH in the Hot Dude Trifecta - what say you?

  7. I don't know poodle... Mr Jackman is definitely a stud, but ok the other hand NPH is the bees knees in my opinion. I'll see if I can't find him a spot though.