Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Performance of a Lifetime

Those of you who know the real me on Facebook, may recall that last week I opted to place in my mouth a giant Tootsie Roll Candy. For those who don't know what a Tootsie Roll is, it's a chocolate, chewy candy, not unlike toffee, and it's actually not that good. But I had a craving and it was handy, so in it went.

No sooner had I place said Tootsie Roll in my mouth than my phone rang... It was an unknown number, and appeared that it may be from a corporate source. The problem with calls from a corporate source is that often the number you see is simply an outgoing line number, and you can't call it back to see who called.

So mouth full of mediocre, chewy chocolateness, I grabbed the phone, and proceeded to leave the cubicle farm in which I work to take the call.

It turns out it was a call back on a position I applied for a week or two prior.

It could be an interesting position, and if I get it, the outcome could be interesting as well. I think I've already blogged about my boss wanting to use a new job as leverage to try and get my team and I raised.

Today is the job interview. I've clean shaven and smelling good (Although not too good - don't want to kill the guys with the scent of aftershave!). The suit pants are on, and the shoes are somewhat shiny. I have on a white shirt, and on the wall of my cubical is hanging my suit coat and my bright red "Power" tie.

I feel ready!

I left home a little early, and stopped by Carls Jr. for their 2 biscuits for $2 deal... Except they weren't doing it anymore.

Probably for the best, since my cholesterol could do with being lowered.

So I stopped by my favorite donut shop... MADBROOKS!!

And grabbed a grande "Highlander Grog" coffee and a couple of their large angular donuts. Because we all know that nothing lowers cholesterol like a nice creamy coffee and deep fried donuts, caked in sugar!

I'm feeling set for the performance of my lifetime. I usually approach these things with a certain amount of humility and honesty, and so far that approach has gotten me nowhere...

I'm not going to be arrogant or cocky, but By Jove... I am going to sell myself today.

Not since my high school performance of Big River have I felt the need to perform at such a high standard.



  1. i always thought a tootsie roll was a cakey type thing

  2. Were you thinking of a Twinkie perhaps? They're cakey and have a creamy filling. Interestingly enough the filling is actually the same chemical they use to clean corrosion out of steam pipes. Twinkie Paste - or at least that's what someone who cleans steam pipes told me.

  3. Good luck! Hope it went well!

  4. Thanks Clink!

    I think it did, and now that the die is cast, we'll have to see how it lands.

    I had a great "Why you should hire me" speech prepared for the end, but the question was never asked and the opportunity never presented itself, but I still think it went well, despite that.

    I've got a bunch of questions I need to prepare answers for, should I get another interview.

    This job seeking stuff is way more stressful than it should be!

  5. You can always spit the tootsie roll out in a garbage can if you're ever in that situation again. I'm sure someone around your office has more (at least someone at my office always does):) Glad the interview went well, I hope you get it!