Monday, October 18, 2010

Itchy Feet

My feet are getting increasingly itchy...

I was on a New Zealand employment site last week, and they wanted me to register before I could view the details for a position they had in Aukland. And then part of the registration process involved the submission of my CV...

Long story short... I now have an online CV that can be viewed by Kiwi employers. I don't have any outstanding skills per say, but perhaps as I try to rectify that over the next couple of years, that reality may change.

I found myself on a site looking at Brazil this morning as well... I think it was inspired by Pitbull.

I don't think Mrs Koda would go for a change in culture which included a language change as well, but it was fun to look. I think I could do Chile, Argentina, or almost any South American country.

But first prize would definitely be Wellington, New Zealand.


  1. So long as you don't mind cold, windy & wet Wellington is the bees knees! Wonderful, livable town.

  2. lol. I read the first line and thought "Tinea!".

    The rest didn't make sense after that.

  3. TGIAA - Yeah, I put something on my facebook status about the itchy feet, and got a couple of "There's a cream for that" comments. I think I went through a period between the ages of 17 and 20 when I had tinea of one form or another. They make some powerful stuff in South Africa, and after trying the weak-ass New Zealand prescription stuff, I ended up back in SA and it cleared up in a couple of weeks.

    Basically I'm just itching for change. Since giving up Mormonism, Utah, while I love the scenery, and have a few good friends - just doesn't have the same appeal to me any more. Plus since giving that up and losing my parents (Nothing tragic, I've just decided not to deal with their crap any more) I kinda want to share some of my history with my kids, and Wellington was were I spent my last year of high school and entered adulthood.

    Ms Mouse - CAW would likely do a far better job here, but... Willungtun wus the place I spunt muh final year in high skool. A wee but wundy, but I muss ut.

    Now you've got me thinking about fush and chups!

    I'd love to take my brood back to my old stomping grounds in South Africa, or even my birthplace, back in Zimbabwe, but neither of those places are doing well economically, and with 3 daughters and a wife, the rape stats scare me off as well.