Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You can thank me later...

This is targeted primarily at my male readership, although if there are any female readers who will benefit from this, you are most welcome as well.

This article is too good to try and do justice to with commentary, so let me just send you in the right direction...

Greatest article of all time.

I'll shall be sharing it with Mrs Koda when she returns from the store. Perhaps I won't have to train as hard on my bike for the IronMan next year as I had expected... providing of course that she cooperates!!


  1. LOL. Greatest article of all time, indeed. Works for us, too.

  2. O great, now you have "research" to back yourselves up :)

  3. We can now tell our men, if you have more sex with me I'll be able to drive the kids to more stuff! Or whatever wives say to husbands when there are kids involved.