Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quit having gay babies!

Mr. TJ Shelby posted some awesome Prop 8 signs on his blog today...

My favorite is the "They're the ones that keep having gay babies" sign.

Check it out here.

And let me know your favorite!


  1. I liked my 2 moms can beat up your 14 wives!

  2. I loved them all, it's hard to pick, but I'm going with "Would you rather I marry your daughter???" HAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice one.

  3. Christopher - you must be like part genius or something!

    Morgan - That one was a close second for me. It got quite the reaction as well on a different site from the 'Mormon' readers. "We're not polygamists!!" Ummm... Actually you are, but due to government pressure your leaders decided it would be better not to practice it right now....

    And E... Funny, but a little sobering too - I think that may be one sign that would help people think about it. At least in Utah, far too many gay men have been told to marry a female and that will cure them... I can think of few things worse than being married to someone with absolutely zero attraction to you - They usually don't end well for either party.

  4. No worries T.J. You seem to have a gift for finding good stuff!

    Also, Main Street Plaza covered it as well - although they still keep calling me Coda instead of Koda. I guess if it was my real name I'd be more inclined to take offense!