Friday, September 11, 2009

Kinda Funny...

So I have a guy I used to do business with... He's of the right wing variety, and if I may add, many of that variety are decent people.

My beef with him started last year with his "Obama is a Muslim" emails. I'd correct him, and he's apologize, but a retraction was never sent to the rest of his email list.

Interestingly enough, at a time when Christians are crying about being attacked and discrimination against them because of their religion, many used the "He's a Muslim" approach to steer people away...

Then came the "He's not a natural born citizen" emails, which I too refuted. And same thing again, apology to me, but no retraction, and they'd come out again a week later.

The final straw for me, was the warnings about the indoctrination speech. I emailed him, and explained what had happened to my son, the whole shooting of the Obama bobble head story and respectfully requested that he no long send me emails. As I put it, he claimed to be fighting for freedom, and yet he had taken mine away.

He's seemed a little shocked. Guys like this always seem shocked when you call them on it.

He claims that he would have fought against the speeches to school children by Reagan and Bush Sr. had he know about them, but in his defense they didn't had follow up material.

He claims he wasn't upset by the speech, but by the followup material. Multiple people have told me that I've taken their opposition out of context, because it wasn't the speech, but the follow-up material, but the follow-up material needed the speech with it to make sense and so it wasn't in context... Me see heap big logical problem in the argument!

He claims to be in favor of social change, but the partial birth abortion thing destroys all of Mr. Obama's credibility. I didn't even bring up abortion, and if you consider it murder, I'm with you. I'm against the murder of innocent civilians, like when presidents and their administrations lie about a countries connections to terrorists and then invade those countries for personal gain. (Sorry am I allowed to bring up the Iraqi war in the argument, or is that still sacred ground?)

My big beef with the guy was that he claims moral superiority and to be in the fight for freedom, but he propagates lies and fear to achieve his objective. That was my issue, and he totally missed it.

On the positive side of things... Following my posting of the fact that I was in favor of Obama speaking to school kids, I lost 3 friends from facebook. I've been able to figure out one of them. He's a guy who was complaining about socialism back in December and how it was affecting his job - you may recall that was when Bush was still in Office. And yet it had to Obama's fault...

In the last day though, I've gained 3 more friends, so I've broken even, and I'm down three arrogant bigots! I score that a win!!