Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Worth a thousand words

First an update on the evil brainwashing Obama speech to the kids...

My kids had permission slips sent home that they were to return if we did not want them watching the Presidents speech.

Having read the speech, I was perfectly comfortable with my kids watching, so I didn't return the slip. Apparently the teacher assumed this meant I didn't want him to see it, and so he was sent to a different classroom, while the speech was on.

Oh - and it get's even better...

So we're hanging out last night, playing a video game, and I'm asking him about the speech, and he tells me the funniest story. One of his classmates dad bought an Obama bobble head doll, and over the weekend, he took his kids out and let them shoot it with a bb gun, and then to make it even funnier, he shot it with a shotgun, and blew the whole head off. Much hilarity for all involved, even my son.

I was not amused.

There is a positive ending though... I setup the video for my son to watch, and we watched it together. He did an hour of homework willingly last night, and then drew some pictures. An eel and a shark. He's got some talent. Told me he wants to be an artist, and so we discussed fine arts and graphic design. The chat about being a graphic designer went over really well, and the kid has been bouncing off the walls ever since.

I'm going to chalk the whole thing up to excellent parenting by yours truly, and a great speech by the president.

And on the subject of art...


  1. Let this be a lesson, always sign the permission slip :) Sounds like it all turned out fine & dandy in the end though. And willingly doing homework, amazing!

  2. Hilarious cartoon. Thanks.