Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pricks, Policies and a Review

I'd like to start this post off by commenting on something which Heather Armstrong wrote on her blog. Ms. Armstrong is the genius behind, which I'm not sure if I should like, because I think it's geared more towards ladies, but damnit, it's still funnier than piss!!

Actually on a complete side trip from my main topic, I was sharing something about dooce with a friend the other day, something which had absolutely nothing to do with religion at all, and he pipes up with... Oh, yeah, the anti-mormon lady! Funny how mormons seem to want to label everyone. You're either a member or a non-member, and if you were a member and become a non-member, then you must be an anti-mormon and as such enjoy the company of Beelzebub himself and be headed straight to hell. See you down there Heather!!

Anyway... So back to dooce. Being popular, you tend to attract your fair share of haters online. For some reason our culture despises success, and so if someone has it, we feel the need to pull them down. Anyway, so Heather gets a fair number of haters, most shielded by the anonymity of the internet and decided to do something about it.

She describes exactly why here.

And the result is here.

My point in bringing all this up, is to point out that one of the products advertised on the page - at least when I viewed it, was fiber... I'm not sure if that was intentional, but advertising fiber on a page devoted to those who are anal retentive and/or have their heads stuck up their collective asses... HI-FREAKING-LARIOUS!! Nice one Heather!

Moving on... Tuesday was an awesome day. I woke up on time, which isn't exactly great, since my alarm goes off at 4:30, but that aside I got up without hitting snooze! SCORE!!

Went to Walmart to grab a sandwich and realized the new Dan Brown book was out. DOUBLE SCORE!!

Got back to my car, right as the Linkin Park song from Transformers started on the radio. (Hopefully this video will stay active for at least a day or 2...)

Things didn't get too bad from there, until I went to a swim clinic in the afternoon and was reminded of why I hate the backstroke.

Since then it's been a steady downhill to where I ended up at 2am this morning.

Yesterday ended with an experience I can only describe as the emotional equivalent of being hit in the head with a crowbar. And then as I lay on the floor, slowly regaining consciousness I got kicked in the nuts.

I used to whine a lot, mostly a product of my upbringing, but I think I'm going to start on a new journey. No more whining, no more being a victim, no more taking responsibility for the fact that other people choose to be dicks.

Hopefully the paragraph won't be totally construed as whining, because today I start a new policy of not being a whiny little bitch.

In closing, I was going to provide a review of some chocolate I purchased this morning. I felt the need to review it because:

a - I hadn't yet read Heather's post on dooce and figured I would need more material.
b - It looked like it was on close-out, which I guess means it hasn't been selling, and I really liked it!

So even with reason a out of the picture, b still remains. Perhaps I shall just make this brief...

Hersheys All Natural Extra Dark - Pure Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate Flavored Pieces.

First, I appreciate them putting All Natural on the cover, and checking the ingredients it appears that it is. Doesn't necessarily mean it's good for you, but at least they help with the self delusion. Men's health has helped as well, with a few articles recently about how dark chocolate is better for you - it's 60% cacao!

Second, I think it would have been better with real pomegranate in it - although perhaps pomegranate flavored pieces do a better job of transferring that unique taste!!

Now for my review... DELICIOUS! I like chocolate and the darker the better. Once you get up past 70% though, it needs to be eaten really slow - at least in my opinion. 60% seems to be the perfect number to get that rich cacao taste, and yet retains enough sweetness that you can chow down!!

It's also only $1.50 for a 3.35oz bar at the Walmart in Syracuse right now too, and if you go at 5 in the morning, there's no line to check-out!


  1. I love dooce. I might have picked her up from you, or you picked her up from me, I don't remember and it doesn't matter. She is brilliant. And I admit I envy her amazing writing. In a good way, of course, not in the "if I can't have it then neither can you" kind of way. Anti-Mormon? Hadn't noticed, frankly.

    As for cacao, try this on for size: raw cacao nibs. You can put them in your morning cereal, for all the goodness of cacao and none of the problems of sugar. They are not sweet, but they are delicious.

  2. Actually I think we might have discovered Dooce independently of one another... A good friend of ours recommended her book, and I've been lurking a little on her blog, and then I noticed a couple of weeks ago that you had a link, and I remember thinking at the time... Huh?!? Small world!

    I'm going to have to try those cacao bits - where do you pick them up at? Whole Foods?

  3. I hope the sidejob works out.

    As for no more whiny little bitch (or whatever you said ;-)---can't wait for next March or April. ;-) As I know, I'll be bitching, whining up a storm!!!! :D