Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Accidentally on Purpose - A review

Accidentally on Purpose is a new sitcom on CBS.

They've decided to air it on Monday nights and it's up with some truly awesome shows... How I met your Mother, Two and a Half Men and the Big Bang Theory. So understandably I had some pretty high hopes for this new one.

The promotional material looked good and it stars Jenna Elfman, who I thought did an outstanding job in her role as Dharma in Dharma and Greg.

If I were to summarize this show, I would have to say it's about Bad Choices.

Let's review what I've seen of it so far...

Jenna, whose character's name is Billie begins the show in Paris with her boss, James.

From what I've seen James is the quintessential jerk. Billie is dating James despite this (bad choice), and he's her boss (Another bad choice).

So they're in Paris, and Billie expects him to propose, but instead he kind of does a non-proposal thing which I think the writers may have thought would be funny, but it wasn't.

Next we find ourselves back in the US, and Billie is at a bar with her friend, Olivia and younger sister, Abbey.

Olivia, comes across as the typical nasty old slut, and to make matters worse she has a thick, thick Scottish accent. It turns out the actress that plays Olivia is indeed Scottish, but I'm wondering if she was only cast because of the accent - bad choice in that case, since an accent does not funny make. Billy Connolly is funny, and he has an accent, but the two don't always go together.

Abbey is kind of quiet and looks nothing like her older sister - HELLO?!?! Casting people. They could not be more different, and from what I've seen of Abbey, she plays more of a 3rd wheel than anything else.

So there they are in the bar and some young guy starts hitting on Billie who is likely 10-15 years older than him.

Yada, yada, yada... They end up having sex on the futon at his friends apartment, while his friends are all in the next room.

Let's look at this...

One night stand - not the best choice, but she's on a rebound type thing, so I guess we can give it to her.

She ends up getting pregnant though... Picked up by a guy in a bar, taken back to his scungy friends apartment to have sex on a futon... And you didn't think to use a condom?!?? HELLO?!?

To this point, the show had yet to produce a laugh from me. Not so much as a chuckle.

I'll skip over the rest really quickly....

So Billie pregnant, because she's an idiot.

Young sperm donor ends up living in his van.

Billie invites him to move in with her, since he is the father, but she wants it to be platonic... Couldn't keep her legs together at their first meeting, but now she's wants to do it right. Whatever....

Sperm donor brings friends over to the house, so Billie wants to kick him out, but then it turns out he painted the nursery, so she lets him stay, but still it's all platonic.

Meanwhile sperm donor keeps showing up at work, creating what I think were meant to be funny scenes between him, her and her boss, while her annoying Scottish friend blabs on about being a reporter and needing the facts because that's what reporters do and I'm a reporter. Oh and did I mention she was a reporter.

It's a lousily written show, with a shoddy plot and acting which could possibly be better, but even if you had Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks acting, it would still be an awful show.

I watched episode 2 last night to see if perhaps it was just the first episode that had problems, but there appears to be a pattern.

Final synopsis of bad choices...

CBS for even considering putting this on the air.
Jenna Elfman who allowed herself to be cast in this train wreck of a show.
and finally me, for starting to watch episode #2. I did however come to my senses and turn it off after 5 minutes though.

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