Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tiny Flies...

Many years ago, I had a job working as a seamstress... Perhaps I should back up a little though...

So I graduated from High School in New Zealand with really high grades, thanks to grading on a curve. At the time I didn't want to want to waste my time at University, not having a clue what I wanted to get into, and I only had a student visa, so work was out of the question as well. Actually now that I think about it, I could have just hung out at home for 6 months, but that didn't cross my mind at the time.

Anyway, so I decided to repeat my final year of school. I may have to go into this more in future blogs, but the key thing here is that I took all the fun subjects. One of those was fashion and design. I was one of a class of 6, and I was the only guy. They then combined that class with one from a younger class, and I ended up being one of 2 guys in a class of 30+ lovely young ladies - That was pretty much the reason for my taking the class, although I did become quite accomplished with a sewing machine.

OK, so back to the job... I was desperate to get out of my old job, and the seamstress one was the first that came up after a year of more of looking. It was an underwear manufacturing facility, and I worked on both the men's bottoms area and the ladies tops area for 9 months before being able to finally get my "Man Card" back and transfer into the cutting area. My wife loved it. Nothing like... "So, my husbands a seamstress" to get the upper hand in a conversation.

So while working in the area piecing together mens bottoms, my part of the line was sewing on the fly and putting a panel on the back. We had specifications on the size of gap allowed on the fly. I always tried to get mine on the upper end of the scale. One day however I heard a quality checker tell another lady that she didn't care if the fly was too small, as long as it wasn't too big. I had to make a comment... "I CARE!" I exclaimed loudly. Both then went bright red, and the conversation ended.

I was reminded of this the other day, as I went to take care of a personal matter in the restroom. It was casual Friday, and I wore a pair of jeans which my wife got me for Christmas. They're low rise jeans. I'll spare you a discourse on specific part of my anatomy involved in this story, but the end of the matter is, certain things are the size they should be. Not too big, and not too small. The fly on the jeans however is not one of those things. I like the lower waist line, but if only there was some way to get that, without the teeny weeny little zipper.

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