Monday, March 03, 2008

Faith, a topic and Summer

Wow, can't believe I haven't written anything in a whole week... It's not that I haven't been online, I think I just let life slip by.

Interesting weekend, that's for sure. It almost looked like we were heading into Spring pretty quickly, and then mother nature through in an inch of snow just for good measure. She was nice enough to wait until after my long Saturday run, but right now anytime is not a good time for snow. I have faith that Summer will be hear soon, mostly just because I'm sick of running in gloves and a sweatshirt.

On a different part of my life, the wife and I have been asked to speak in the main meeting of our Church this coming Sunday. The good gentleman who extended the invitation has asked us to cover the topic of faith. He then added, somewhat jokingly that he would like us to keep it within the doctrines taught by the Church. He laughed, as did my wife and I, but I think we were laughing for a different reason.

This could be an interesting task. I think faith is a pretty important thing, but I think religion uses it in a way contrary to how it was intended. I'm of the opinion that faith should increase your knowledge of self and your relationship to God and the universe around you. The doctrine uses faith as the process by which you become blindly obedient to men who may or may not have your best interests at heart. Of course they don't phrase it that way, but that's the end result.

I have a couple of interesting idea's I want to explore about how I can share something meaningful, without them deciding that I should probably never attend services with them again. Of course then I am posed with the question as to whether that might or might not be a bad thing?!?

I'll keep you posted as to how it goes...


  1. I read Alma 5 last night and I thought it was a really good treatise on the subject. For your context I especially like verses 45-48 and 57-60.

  2. Don't you hate it, when you type a nice long comment and then the browser pukes and loses it all?

    Thanks guys, that would probably be a good place to start from!

  3. OK, Follow up report...

    I used Hebrews 11:3 as a basis for the talk. It went well, for the first half, and then went straight to hell...

    That will have been the last time I speak in sacrament meeting. But least I went out with a bang!

    See todays post (March 10th) for the gruesome details.